Summer Staycation

Enjoy Summer Activities Without the Crowds

With 48% of Americans deciding to cancel their summer travel plans this year, summer is going to look different for most families. Whether you had to cancel a trip or simply want to avoid crowded places, you might find yourself at a loss for keeping your children busy and entertained. 

Turn social distancing into a staycation, make some memories and maybe start a new family tradition with these fun activities! 

Turn your backyard into a water park

While a few amusement parks have reopened, staying away from crowds is still a smart thing to do. Here’s how you can bring the summer fun to your backyard: 

• Stay cool with an inflatable pool. 
• Build a homemade slip and slide with a roll of plastic and some baby shampoo. 
• Create an obstacle course for a backyard Olympics-themed afternoon. 
• Set up a summer drink station for the grownups. 
• Grill scrumptious meals as a perfect way to end a day of fun backyard activities. 

Camping and grilling 

Sleeping i…

Top Apps for a Better Night's Sleep

How to fall asleep and stay asleep. To write that these are stressful times would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the US has resulted in mass job loss and destabilized industries across the country. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC)recently released a statement concerning how the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in increased stress for many people. One of themost effective ways to reduce your stress levels is by getting the proper amount of sleep each night and ensuring you experience cycles of rapid eye movement (REM). To that end, there are various apps you can use to help yourself fall asleep, and we've compiled a list of the best options for you.  The best apps for sleep As far as we're concerned, you can't go wrong with any of the following apps: Relax Melodies. Relax Melodies is an app that allows you to combine various relaxing sounds (from nature, for example) into the perfect sleep music for you. The customization the app offers and th…

Summer Laundry Tips

Simple cleanup tricks for grass, mud, sand and whatever else comes your way.

It's summer, which means the kids are home from school. It also means they're free to run wild through grass, mud and whatever else they can find to make your life as a parent a bit more complicated. Nobody likes seeing their kid run through the door covered in grass stains, but we all know avoiding summer messes is almost impossible unless you're Rapunzel's parent. Understanding how to get rid of common summer stains can help you and your kids have a cleaner (and less stressful) summer. Summer laundry tips There are a few messes you'll probably run into throughout the summer: Grass. Whether it's from a soccer match or a spill in the grass, grass stains can be frustrating. You want to tackle them as quickly as possible-the more time the stain has to set in, the harder it will be to remove. To remove a grass stain from clothes, the following steps should get the job done: Soak the cloth…

Summertime Food and Drink Inspiration

Ideas from poolside chillin' to a family cookout. It's summer, which probably means your cooking could use a refresher. After all, nobody wants to eat warm tomato soup (comforting though it may be in the winter) on a sunny day in the Carolina heat. Get ready to fire up the grill and get out the ice bucket, because we've got a list of summer food and cocktail recipes you'll love! Summer foods to enjoy  If you're looking for a refreshing summer dinner, try one of these options: Seafood tacos. They're easy to make, and they taste great with almost any topping. Even better, they're an excuse to get out the grill and practice your grill lines on some fish. Whether you garnish them with a classic salsa verde or get a little adventurous with some mango salsa, everyone is sure to enjoy them.Cobb salad. This dish pairs well with a barbecue. You can add almost anything to a cobb salad, but avocado, grilled chicken and ranch dressing are alway…

Father's Day Must Haves

Gifts for Dad Father's Day is right around the corner! Like most people, you're probably wondering what you can get your dad to show your appreciation. Well, wonder no longer - from grills to TVs and more, we've got a list of Father's Day gifts guaranteed to make the day an unforgettable event.
Grills and grilling accessories There's a reason the image of a dad standing over a grill, carving knife and seasoning in hand, is iconic. Grills provide easy, fun food for the whole family. What's not to love about that? Whether you want to go all in on a new state-of-the-art grill or just furnish some new accessories, we've got some suggestions that'll make an impression: The seasoned griller's pick:Traeger Timberline Series 1300 Pellet Grill. A grill for the enthusiast who wants to take their game to the next level, this is an investment piece your dad will love.The jack of all trades:Napolean Rogue 425 SIB. This freestanding grill is…

Turning Your Space Into a Comfortable Home Office

Working from Home  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic,five million employees were already working from home for half of their workweek or more. Now, as remote work has become more of a necessity for many Americans due to social distancing guidelines, more people are seeing the benefits of working from home. In fact, working remotely is a flexible solution that reduces stress for86% of employees and increases happiness and productivity for24% of them. With such positive results, working from home could become a long-term solution for many workplaces. However, as temporary home offices transition into more permanent work spaces, they'll need some improvements in order to foster more productivity and a healthy work-life balance. The need for a home office The key to being productive while working at home is to create a space you can call a home office. Working from your couch or at your kitchen counter isn't ideal for your sitting posture or your ability to focus. Additionally, if you…

Congratulations Class of 2020

Useful gifts for the grads in your life 
The high school and college graduates in your life unfortunately are not going to have the graduation ceremony and send-off they were hoping for due to COVID-19, but you can make up for it by picking an awesome graduation gift! Graduating is an exciting event, and it often marks the beginning of a new chapter in a young adult's life. While high school grads often move away from home for the first time to live in a college dorm, college grads might find themselves moving to an unfamiliar city and living in their own apartment. If you're looking for graduation gift ideas, consider a useful gift that will come in handy in a dorm room or first apartment. A new TV and audio equipment A TV is a fun graduation gift that will enhance any dorm room or apartment, and provide grads with more entertainment options, whether they like streaming shows and movies or playing video games. Plus, a new TV, like one of the latest4K, OLED or LED models, will inst…